Vocal Empowerment

"When you rediscover your ability to speak from the heart you profoundly affect not only the quality and resonance of your voice but the way in which you communicate with others.  You will be heard more easily, convey your words more effectively, and communicate at a far deeper and more heartfelt level.  Those around you will automatically be drawn to you, sensing your authenticity and whole-heartedness.  Your body, mind, and spirit will become more balance, and you will find it easier to live in the truth of present-moment consciousness"  - Stewart Pearce

Before you continue please consider these questions: 

- Do you often feel disempowered when it comes to using your voice?

- Are you afraid of speaking your truth to others; afraid of using your voice in public?

- Are you afraid of singing in front of people?

- Do you dislike the sound of your voice?

- Do you have fairly frequent issues with your voice becoming hoarse or "crackly"?

- Are you interested in having more courage and confidence in your communication?

- Are you interested in using your voice as sound therapy tool?

- Are you wanting to use your voice as a healing tool for others?

- Are you wanting to deepen your skill and presence when it comes to chanting, toning, or singing?


If you answered "yes" to any of the questions, please consider this...

Your voice is one of the most powerful and influential tools that you were given at birth. It can be used to speak your compassion to loved ones, to communicate clearly your boundaries and desires to others, to bring healing to your body and mind, and to vibrate joyfully with the song of your soul. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us carry around stories and doubtful programming we gained over time that told us our voice should only be used in certain acceptable scenarios--in small and limited ways--or else there would be some kind of consequence.

If you are like many others in our community, you may have fear holding you back from speaking your truth and feeling the joy of expressing yourself with strength and authenticity. This can feel very disempowering and may have you missing out on wonderful opportunities for growth and healing.

That being said, I have good news! Every person reading this can put an end to this cycle and step into their vocal power. It is possible to resolve the fear dynamics regarding self expression and to open your voice in such a way that it will bring greater power to your words, greater resonance with your creative self, and greater joy into your life--and you do not need any previous experience or skill to do so!


Vocal Empowerment is the keystone of my Human Harmonization™ programs.  It is the practice of shedding the fear that constricts our voice and accessing the parts of our body/subtle bodies that give greater clarity and strength to vocal expression.  Activating the voice is the single most powerful thing we can do on our path of self-healing and it is my honor to work with those ready to take this step. 


If you chose to embark on this journey with me, this is what we will be exploring:

Breathing and body dynamics - By analyzing how your body breathes and is positioned, we can explore specific practices that connect you with your unique deep breathing capabilities.  This is the most important fundamental element of unlocking empowered vocal expression.  

Your fundamental frequency - Your voice has a very specific frequency or “note" at which it is meant to operate when it is balanced and empowered.  Many of us spend the majority of our time outside of this frequency—our voice is too high or too low—and this is sending a constant signal to our body that something is wrong.  Finding your fundamental note allows you to focus on dropping your voice out of your head and into your heart to bring you back into a state of homeostasis and wellness.  

TRUE Chakra Healing with your Voice - All of the fear and resistance we hold around expressing ourselves is centered in one or more of the energy centers often referred to as “Chakras”.  It is not usually enough for most of us to simply “tune up” our chakras with a sound meditation or workshop because the energy dynamics that we have constructed can be complex and deeply rooted (and often times these "tune-up" methods are not very potent).  The beauty of vocal work is that we can learn to use our voice to both illuminate the fears regarding our expression AND heal those fears simultaneously.  When I discovered how to use my voice to systematically go through each one of my chakras and clean house, it was an absolute game changer! 

Tailored practices for practitioners -  If you are interested in utilizing your voice for individual or group healing practices, there are many possible avenues to explore including finding musical scales that work best with your voice and the instruments you may be using, how to direct healing energy through sound in an efficient and focused way, how to use advanced techniques like overtone singing, and how to connect with the spirit realm to bring forth sacred sound in a shamanic way.  

If you are someone who is interested in utilizing their voice as a healing tool for themselves or others, or would simply like be more courageous and confident in their communication, please use the contact form below to set up a free consultation.  Together we can explore several possible road maps that lead to a more joyful and abundantly 

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