Harmony, Healing, and Evolution

I am in a coffee shop. It is nearing closing time, yet the few patrons and baristas are conversing casually while spanish guitar music plays through the building. The music, the conversation and the sound of fans and refrigerators all create a fairly drone-like symphony, punctuated by moments of laughter, flamenco guitar flares and the clacking of coffee mugs in bus tubs.

I was hoping to be in a more "sonically calm" environment when I took to writing this blog post, but as most things tend to unfold in my life nowadays, I realize this is the perfect atmosphere for the subject matter.

I'm surrounded by sound and the life that expresses it and although I can hear the dissonance intrinsic in the clashing of seemingly incompatible noise, I can still feel within it the golden thread that weaves through it all...HARMONY.

This can be something to perceive in our modern world. From the microcosmic to macrocosmic scale, it feels like our dear planet is in a constant state of chaotic change and there are many out there would even dream of using the word "harmonious" to describe it.

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