Welcome to Humanity Harmonized!

Humanity Harmonized is a campaign to provide services, events, discussions, and information in the realms of sound healing and conscious music.  Founded by Bryan Anthony Phoenix, this movement seeks to explore the many different ways we humans can utilize this medicine to create harmony within ourselves and our community.  Together we can find the authentic harmonic resonance we all carry and bring it forth in co-creation of a New Harmonious Earth!

If you would like to join the discussion and become a member of the Humanity Harmonized Coaltion, please join our facebook group.  We look forward to your contributions!   

May all beings find harmony.  May all beings find peace.  May all beings be free!  Blessings.  

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"Our work as musicians and audience, healers and healed, is to harmonize natural and celestial elements in ourselves in order to find the new balance humanity needs."

-Fabien Maman, Founding Father of Vibrational Sound Therapy

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